More than 300 staff are involved with aviation-related business at Fairoaks Airport.

The largest employer is Gama Engineering, with 42 employees handling aircraft maintenance.  Gama's yearly rental payments amount to 51% of the total site rental income.

The General Aviation industry is represented by a mixture of specialised businesses:

  • Engineering and Maintenance
  • Training: Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Training: Helicopter
  • Training: Executive Jets
  • Training: Aviation regulations, compliance and safety management training and consultancy
  • Medical Flights
  • Aircraft and Helicopter Recovery
  • Air Taxi and Charter
  • Aerial Photography
  • Flying Clubs and Groups
  • Shared ownership of turboprop aircraft
  • Business Aircraft
  • Police, Ambulance and Military Helicopter Operations

Fairoaks Airport is also home to a number of non-aviation businesses:

  • Car Restoration and maintenance
  • Motor Racing
  • Car & Vehicle Upholstering
  • Taxis and Private Hire
  • Bicycle Sales and Repairs
  • Photographic
  • Photo Processing and Printing
  • Bookkeeping & Financial Services
  • Sign Writers
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Food and Drink Deliveries
  • Coffee Shop
  • IT Systems and Network Infrastructures
  • Recycling and Cleaning Services