No Fairoaks New Town is a campaign group of local residents, aviators and business owners who object to the inappropriate proposed development of Fairoaks Airport. The proposal, called Fairoaks Garden Village, was supported by both Surrey Heath Borough Council and Runnymede Borough Council when it was unveiled.

This proposal appeared without consultation with the local residents and the Expression of Interest from the current owners of the airfield failed to achieve support from the Homes and Communities Agency in 2016.

Moreover, the proposed development would have a number of negative impacts on the local area. Should planning permission be granted, it would set a precedent across Surrey which would leave the county’s precious and unique Green Belt under threat.

The proposed development would also cause all aviation activities to cease for ever. Fairoaks Airport has been a vital part of the UK’s General Aviation infrastructure network since 1937 making our campaign not only a local issue but also one of great significance to the nation.

We supported a petition to Surrey Heath Borough Council run by the Chobham Society which received 5,348 signatures – the largest in the Borough’s history. It triggered a Full Council Debate which was held on 26th July 2017. However, rather than recognise the huge support from their electorate, the Council voted 29-5 to “note the petition but take no further action”. Please sign up for our newsletters and alerts to hear about our next steps and to show your support for our campaign.

No Fairoaks New Town was founded by Krikor Krikorian and is funded by donations from local residents, business owners, aviators and environmentalists keen to save this important community asset. Please donate to help support our campaign and to save Fairoaks Airport and the Green Belt.

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We are delighted to have the support of the General Aviation Infrastructure Network (GAIN) who are campaigning for a national network of General Aviation airfields, of which Fairoaks should continue to be a vital part.