Surrey Heath Borough Council is the planning authority for Fairoaks Airport and they will decide its future.

We’ve prepared a draft email that you can send to show the leader that you support Fairoaks Airport. Feel free to copy & paste the text below into your email to each council.

You may also wish to send a similar email to Runnymede Borough Council who are also involved in the proposed development. You can contact their council leader using the details below.

Surrey Heath Borough Council

Councillor Moira Gibson
Leader of Surrey Heath Borough Council
Ward: Windlesham
copied to Karen Whelan
Chief Executive of Surrey Heath Borough Council

Runnymede Borough Council

Councillor Patrick Roberts
Leader of Runnymede Borough Council
Ward: Englefield Green East
copied to Paul Turrell
Chief Executive of Runnymede Borough Council

Template Email to the Borough Council

Subject: Save Fairoaks Airport!

Dear Councillor,

Fairoaks Airport is an asset that Surrey Heath Borough Council should cherish and promote. It has been operational since 1937, training hundreds of civilian pilots each year and is an important base for emergency medical flights – 152 in 2016 alone. It supports over 300 skilled jobs in the local economy. Fairoaks Airport is a vital link in the national General Aviation network – worth £3 billion to the UK economy each year.

Fairoaks Airport is also part of our precious Green Belt and 23 species of rare wildlife currently co-exist within the airport boundary. Developing the airport site for housing will put these creatures at risk.

Any development will not provide housing for those who need it most – these will be executive houses in the countryside. They are the wrong houses in the wrong location. The extra traffic caused by 1,500 new homes will clog our already over-crowded roads completely.

I am not opposed to developing new homes, however, in a four square-mile area around the airport, nearly 9,000 homes have already received or are due to receive planning permission. Fairoaks is the wrong place for even more.

I therefore call on you to urge Surrey Heath Borough Council to reject any plans to develop Fairoaks Airport for housing.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name and Address]