Much like the transport network, the local services which serve Fairoaks and the surrounding area are already struggling to cope with the current demand and there is little opportunity or budget to make the necessary improvements to accommodate the size of the proposed development at Fairoaks, let alone the other housing projects which are at various stages of the planning process including Deepcut and Longcross.

The A&E department of Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals Foundation Trust has a design capacity of 60,000 patients per annum.  For the last seven years for which statistics are available attendances have exceeded 80,000 per annum, resulting in the hospital regularly failing the 4-hour A&E target set by Central Government.  Moreover, the hospital only has 400 beds (including acute care).

This hospital will also be used by the new residents at the Longcross Garden Village development which has already received planning permission.

In July 2017 Surrey Heath’s local MP, The Rt Hon Michael Gove, said that “the approved development at Longcross makes the development of Fairoaks Airport even more difficult to justify” due to the impact on Surrey Heath’s infrastructure and environment.

Moreover, the local GP surgeries are under similar levels of over-subscription already, with waiting times already increasing.


The developer's plans for Fairoaks Airport include a primary school but this school’s capacity is less clear.  This is particularly important given that schools in our area are already over-subscribed by an average of 2.5 applications for each place.

A representative of the developers recently stated that they are under no obligation to build additional schools - a remark that makes the inclusion of a school in their plans questionable.  Add into the mix Government under-funding, a desperate shortage of quality teaching staff, and discussions about a 4-day school week, and we have an educational crisis in the making in our local community.