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Fairoaks2020 - formerly known as No Fairoaks New Town - is dedicated to protecting Fairoaks Airport and the Green Belt land on which it sits from the proposed Fairoaks housing estate.

We are passionate about protecting Surrey Heath’s Green Belt for its benefits to the local community and wildlife.

We also recognise the value of General Aviation to the UK economy and to the local community, and are working with industry experts and the General Aviation Infrastructure Network (GAIN) to make sure that this vital national infrastructure asset is protected for future generations.

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Fairoaks2020 film:  Fairoaks Airport Past, Present and Future

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Unity Land unveils bid to buy Fairoaks

Unity Land have now gone public on their bid to purchase Fairoaks, with the view to retaining it as an operational GA Airfield. Go to for more details of their plans.

The Planning Application

(SHBC18/0642 ; RU18/1615 ; and WokingPLAN/2018/1172)

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Here's a summary of major objections to the Fairoaks Housing Estate application:

  • It conflicts with the relevant adopted and emerging development plans, e.g. the draft SHBC draft Local Development Plan that emerged during the summer.
  • It conflicts with National Planning Policy, which requires that large development in the Green Belt should only be approved in "very special circumstances".  It is a matter of record that housing need is not accepted as a VSC.
  • The benefits claimed by the applicant are generally not benefits at all, they are mitigation for the harm the development would cause.
  • The harm the applicant claims the development would cause is understated.  Together with the previous point, this means the developers' case is grossly overstated.
  • The estate would generate an enormous amount more traffic on roads that are already unacceptably congested.  The proposed new road through the site would in no way compensate for this.
  • Most of the site is open greenfield:  to put 1,000 homes on it would obviously affect the site’s openness and would harm the landscape and biodiversity.
  • The loss of the airport would harm the local economy.  The alternative airports that the applicant claims could be used instead of Fairoaks are not suitable.